Brown Mackie College Update – Aug 31, 2016

Brown Mackie College has made the difficult decision to cease all education operations at their 27 campuses across the country.  The student, staff, and faculty were notified of this in June.  Below is the letter that was sent to the students at the Boise campus. 

Dear Student:

I am writing to share the news that, after careful consideration, Brown Mackie College – Boise will stop enrolling new students into its programs today and teach-out current programs.

 We recognize that there is an ongoing commitment to students currently enrolled at the affected campuses. Our school is not immediately closing. We will work with you to determine your best path forward, whether you wish to stay and graduate or transfer to another school offering the same programs. We will also work with other educational institutions to put articulation agreements in place so that students have as many choices as possible regarding their education. We anticipate that the process will take approximately two years, depending on the location.

Our regulators and accrediting bodies have been informed of our decision to cease enrolling new students and we will continue to work with them through this transition. Brown Mackie College — Boise is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). We will continue to work with ACICS to ensure compliance with all applicable standards for accreditation.*

I want to be sure that all of your questions about this are answered. We will be coming into each of your classrooms over the next week to address any and all questions. In addition, over the course of the next two weeks, the academic team will be meeting with you to review your academic plan. In the interim, I am also holding open office hours next week, Monday through Friday, and invite you to stop by with any questions you may have.

I will provide you with information as it becomes available.



Bruce Jones

Campus Director